The Four Skills to Putting -

Read and Distance Control


To link the pace and line of the putt



Aiming the putter on your intended start line

Rolling Straight


Rolling the ball on your intended startline



Putting is nearly half of all strokes every round and the putter is used 2-3 times more often than the driver or the wedge. And putting has FOUR skills, not just the stroke as usually taught, and these four skills must be integrated with instinctive touch and stroke timing -- Read, Aim, Stroke, and Touch. Historically, however, golf instruction scarcely concerns itself with putting, and most of the skills for putting have not been understood in terms of how body perceptions and movements cause good or bad performance. A comprehensive survey of golf instruction from 1880 to today reveals only one obscure, privately printed book on how to read putts, and no significant effort to comprehend and teach how touch or aiming actually work in the human brain and body. Golf instruction is still 95% full-swing only, and the 5% for putting is vague, inconsistent, repetitive, and almost entirely based in pseudo-science of alien expertise ill-applied to putting skills by dilettante enthusiasts without teaching knowledge of the skills, with imagined notions of what helps when science actually proves the claimed benefits are ill-founded and illusory. Numbers and computers and Latinate terminology always impress golfers as scientific, but in golf these claims of science are usually devoid of real science or vastly overblown and in fact not soundly applied to the real skills of the human body in the act of performing putting skills. For more information visit

Simple steps to better putting.

Aim, stroke, rhythm, path, distance control, posture and mental competitiveness.   

These five drills are fun, easy, rewarding and key to the development of any golfer at any level. Reccomended for 30 - 45 minutes at least once a week. Ask the pro`sthey do it all their lives.

  • firstly find a flat putting surface up to 1m from hole and lay two clubs parallel to the hole. They should be width apart should be so your putter head can swing between them plus 1cm each side. Use five balls and from circa. 1m hole the putts. Continue until 30 putts are holed. If a putt misses you start again. The exercise is completed when you have reached your target. Start with a target of 30 and increase as your ability increases. Maximum target could be 100 in a row.      
  • find a straight putt 2 – 3m from hole and draw a “ T “ in the green. The bar of the “ T “ should be square to the hole and will align the face, and the stem pointing directly at it will show direction and path. Place balls on the join of the bar and the stem and stroke one after another down the stem and into the hole. Again set targets and record your scores.     
  • use two kitchen skewers and 2 – 3 m of string. Make a line. Stick one skewer directly behind the hole tie the sting to both skewer and stick the other in the ground next to the “ T “. Putt the balls under the line into the hole. Again set targets and record your scores.    
  • with a partner find two holes 2 – 5 m away. Use 4 balls ( two each ) and while standing each by a hole putt the balls continuously in the others hole. The first to hole 5 wins.    
  • pick a target 15 – 20 m away and with good posture and head position, look at the target, eyes back to the ball, set the backswing and without hitting carry the weight of the putter through the ball, stroking the ball up to the target so the ball’s speed dies at the required length. Again set targets and record scores 

Putting coaching

Andrew Pakes is one of the few certified putting zone coaches in the UK. Call and enquire on the possibilities of you becoming a great putter at Parley Golf Centre. 07950 594670. Top quality putting lessons in Bournemouth.

Putting Zone Clinics

Interested ? Learn how to link the four skills in a 90 minute clinic. Ask in the Golfstore for more details. 

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